DVD - Caddyshack (Tom i Bollen) (Beg)

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DVD - Caddyshack (Tom i Bollen)

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  • DVD - Caddyshack (Tom i Bollen)


Begagnad DVD i bra skick.


DVD - Caddyshack (Tom i Bollen)

Komedi från 1980 av Harold Ramis med Chevy Chase och Bill Murray.

Greenkeeper Carl Spackler is about to start World War III - against a gopher. Pompous Judge Smails plays to win but his nubile niece Lacey Underall wants to score her own way. Playboy Ty Webb shoots perfect golf by becoming the ball. And country club loud-mouth Al Czervik just doubled a $20,000 bet on a 10 foot putt. Insanity? No. "Caddyshack".

Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray and Ted Knight tee off for a side-splitting round of fairway foolishness that does for golf what "National Lampoon's Animal House" did for the fraternities and "Police Academy" did for law enforcement.

With hitmaker Harold Ramis (National Lampoon’s Vacation, Groundhog Day) in the director's chair, the virtuoso comic skills of all four blend into a riotous hole-in-one for comedy fans. In "Caddyshack", the term "golf-nut" takes on a deranged double meaning - and non-stop laughter is par for the course!


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