Halo Wars Limited Edition (Beg)

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XBOX 360 - Halo Wars Limited Edition

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  • XBOX 360 - Halo Wars Limited Edition
  • XBOX 360 - Halo Wars Limited Edition
  • XBOX 360 - Halo Wars Limited Edition


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Limited Edition innehåller:

  • Limited Edition Steelbook packaging
  • Three New "Halo 3" Multiplayer Maps - Be one of the first to experience the Mythic Map Pack from Bungie which includes three new maps, "Assembly," "Orbital" and "Sandbox"
  • "Halo Wars: Genesis" - a beautiful graphic novel by Phil Noto, Graeme Devine and Eric Nylund chronicling the first military campaign against the Covenant. The novel centers around the Sprit of Fire on a mission to discover why the Covenant are so interested in the world of Harvest.
  • Unique In-Game Vehicle - "Honor Guard" Wraith
  • Six Leader Cards - Leaders possess elite skills which can turn the tides of battle
  • "Spirit of Fire" Embroidered Patch - Start the journey as an official Spirit of Fire crew member


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