N64 - Transfer Pak (NUS-019) (Official) (Komplett) (Beg)

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Nintendo 64 - Transfer Pak (NUS-019) (Official) (Komplett)

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  • Nintendo 64 - Transfer Pak (NUS-019) (Official) (Komplett)
  • Nintendo 64 - Transfer Pak (NUS-019) (Official) (Komplett)


Nintendo 64 - Transfer Pak (NUS-019) (Official) (Komplett)

Original Transfer Pak, komplett i kartong med manual

\"The Transfer Pak is an accessory that plugged into the controller and allowed the Nintendo 64 to transfer data between Game Boy and N64 games. The Transfer Pak has a Game Boy Color slot and a part that fits onto the expansion port of the N64 controller. It is considered the predecessor of the GameCube-Game Boy Advance cable. It was included with the game Pokémon Stadium, as the game's main feature was importing Pokémon teams from Game Boy titles.

Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Stadium 2 are games that rely heavily on the Transfer Pak. Pokémon Stadium also included a \"GB Tower\" mode for playing Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow on the N64 via a built-in Game Boy emulator (which included unlockable \"Doduo\" and \"Dodrio\" modes which would speed up the game's processor by 2 and 3, respectively). Normally it is not possible to actually play Game Boy games on the N64 with the Transfer Pak, as was possible with the Super Game Boy on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. However, Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Stadium 2 allowed the compatible Pokémon titles to be played in the Game Boy Tower.

Both Mario Golf and Mario Tennis also made use of it. Rare's Perfect Dark was initially going to be compatible with the Transfer Pak in order to use pictures taken with the Game Boy Camera in the game, but this function was scrapped, and the Transfer Pak was usable only in combination with the Game Boy Color version of Perfect Dark for unlocking bonuses.\" (Wikipedia)


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