NES - Trojan (Komplett-SCN) (Beg)

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NES - Trojan (Komplett-SCN) (Beg)

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  • NES - Trojan (Komplett-SCN) (Beg)


NES - Trojan (Komplett-SCN) (Beg)

Komplett spel till Nintendo NES

Spelet kom ut 1986


The world is ruled by a vicious warlord named Achiless and his henchmen. You are Ryu, the master of martial arts and sword-fighting, who has decided that a confrontation with Achilles is in order to bring peace and order back to the world. Your character is equipped with both a sword (for offense) and a shield (for defense). You will go through six stages starting at a ruined city, each with two boss characters (in the middle and at the end). Some enemies are so powerful that you will die the instant you fail to block. You also have to race against time as well, which makes the game that much more difficult.



Alla våra kompletta NES SCN utgåvor innehåller givetvis dammfodral med Nintendo märkning samt frigolit i de fall där det skall finnas en ursprungligen.


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