Nikita: Säsong 4 (Beg)

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Nikita: Säsong 4 (Beg)

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  • Nikita: Säsong 4 (Beg)
  • Nikita: Säsong 4 (Beg)


DVD - Nikita: Säsong 4

TV-Serie från 2013 med Maggie Q och Shane West.

Begagnad DVD i bra skick

All six episodes from the fourth season of the US drama following agent Nikita Mears (Maggie Q). Three years after escaping Division, the covert government agency that trained her to be an assassin, Nikita returns to bring down the organisation. In the final season Nikita is on the run and trying to clear her name as the world's most wanted woman after her assassination of the US president. Reunited with her former team, Nikita must again face past betrayals as the group attempt to complete their ultimate goal of taking down their nemesis Amanda (Melinda Clarke). Whilst chasing down members of Division Nikita takes a path that will test the loyalty of those close to her and force her to make some shocking decisions. The episodes are: 'Wanted', 'Dead Or Alive', 'Set-Up', 'Pay-Off', 'Bubble' and 'Canceled'.

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