Nintendogs Dog Trainer (Beg)

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Nintendo DS - Nintendogs Dog Trainer

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  • Nintendo DS - Nintendogs Dog Trainer
  • Nintendo DS - Nintendogs Dog Trainer


Dog Trainer is the perfect partner for Nintendogs:

Dachshund & Friends
Labrador & Friends
Chihuahua & Friends

Just imagine playing your Nintendogs game the Dog Trainer way. Train your dogs the easy way!

It’s so simple just load the Dog Trainer cartridge, pick any or even all of the cool features you want in your game, and play!


All Breeds available
All 20 dogs available in the kennel
All toys, sports, accessories...
All care products
All music
All clocks
All misc items and £999,999,99 in the bank

Region: Universal. Will play on all Nintendo DS Systems from any region


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