DVD – Mortuary (Tobe Hooper) (Beg)

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Skräck från 2005 av Tobe Hooper med Dan Byrd och Alexandra Adi.

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DVD – Mortuary (Tobe Hooper)

Skräck från 2005 av Tobe Hooper med Dan Byrd och Alexandra Adi.

Begagnad DVD i bra skick
Nytt liv och en ny start i livet så har familjen Doyle tänkt sig sin flytt till ny ort.
Men ett litet konstigt val av boende enligt många – familjen flyttar in i det gamla bårhuset.

When The Dead Break Free, All Hell Breaks Loose.

The director of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Poltergeist and Toolbox Murders is back with his latest horrifying creation… In the small town of Santa Loraina, California, the decrepit, long-abandoned Fowler Funeral Home has become a local legend. As the story tells it, Zeb Fowler bought the land to start up a ranching business, but something killed off all the cattle. To make ends meet, Zeb became the town mortician, and the Fowler house was turned into a funeral home – complete with a cemetery for a yard. But the strangest part of the story is the Fowler´s son Bobby, whose face was so hideously disfigured it was hidden beneath a burial shroud. At age eight, Bobby mysteriously vanished, and ten years later his parents were found murdered – their faces smashed in. Locals believe that Bobby is still alive.

Today, the Fowler Funeral Home is the stuff nightmares are made of – backed-up sewage pooling the yard, a house of filth, decay, coffins, embalming equipment, and a strange black fungus growing on everything – and now the Doyle family is moving in.

Having recently lost her husband, Leslie Doyle (Denise Crosby) is relocating her two children, Jonathan (Dan Byrd) and Jamie (Stephanie Patton), to Santa Loraina so she can become the town´s new mortician. But the Doyles have no idea of the horror that they´re in for. Soon they´ll uncover what happened to the Fowlers – what evil inhabits the grounds of the estate and what happens to anyone who steps foot there….

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