Slayer of the Big Grey Box (Sunhede)

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49,00 kr
Slayer of the Big Grey Box (Sunhede)


Slayer of the Big Grey Box (Sunhede)

Thomas Sunhedes bok om Mega Drive spel i Europa

Complete Checklist of all the 538 European Mega Drive games with over 200 PAL variations and over 200 Nordic rental versions

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Ever wondered about that weird black version of TreasureLand Adventure or if there really is a classic version of RoboCop vs Terminator? Sick of looking for correct checklists on the web? Here´s your chance to set it right.

This is a collector´s guide to all Mega Drive games released in Europé, when the Mega Drive ruled from 1990 to 1997. All hail the king of the 16-bit era. 538!?

Do you have them all? If so, it´s time for you to start collect all the variants...


Thomas Sunhede





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