Star Wars : Episode I Racer (Med Rumble) (Beg)

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Star Wars : Episode I Racer (Med Rumble)


Begagnat Game Boy Color spel i bra skick

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Game Boy Color - Star Wars : Episode I Racer (Med Rumble)

Spelet kom ut 1999

Based upon the Pod Racing scenes of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, your mission as young Anakin Skywalker or as one of a collection of strange characters from around the Galaxy is to compete, survive and win in the high speed challenge of Pod Racing.

Each character has a unique Pod that can be upgraded with the credits you win after each race. Finish first to gain the most prestige and compete in greater and more challenging tracks, including the now famous race along the sand dunes of Tatooine that determined the destiny of many lives.




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