Tru Calling - Hela Serien (Beg)

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Tru Calling - Hela Serien

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  • Tru Calling - Hela Serien
  • Tru Calling - Hela Serien


Begagnad DVD i bra skick.

DVD - Tru Calling - Hela Serien

TV-serie från 2003-2005 med Eliza Dushku och Shawn Reaves.

Join a quirky team of misfit coroners willing to put their forensic skills to the test as all 23 Season One episodes of Crossing Jordan, including the memorable pilot, arrive on a 6-disc DVD set for the first time ever! 

Smart, conflicted and unconventional, Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh (Jill Hennessy) is a forensic pathologist whose obsession for solving homicides goes beyond the autopsy table. But the driving force behind her hard-core, unorthodox investigative style is the one crime she hasn’t been able to solve – her mother’s murder. 

Relive some of your favourite Crossing Jordan moments from this first season, including her battles with her boss, Dr. Macy (memorably played by Miguel Ferrer), the first appearance of Detective Woody Hoyt, music by Wendy and Lisa, amazing special effects, and Jordan and her police detective father putting themselves in the roles of victim and killer. From the creator of "Heroes" comes the fast-paced and funny mystery series that critics rave “is marked by crisp, clever dialogue, and a brassy lead performance” (Steve Johnson, Chicago Tribune).


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